Home Health Worker Wanted for Neglect of Elderly Woman

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Family members faced with the long-term care options of a loved one usually weigh the pros and cons of both nursing home facilities and in-home care. Both of these options are extremely expensive, but the peace of mind that comes with adequate care for a loved one is well worth the cost. That is, until family members find out that their loved ones are being mistreated, neglected or abused. As one family is finding out, their decision to hire a private health care aid rather than put their mother in a home didn’t protect her from abuse.

Authorities are looking for home healthcare aide accused of elderly abuse for a 69-year-old dementia sufferer. According to reports, the woman’s family hired a private home healthcare aide to care for her during the day. As a preemptive measure, the woman’s family placed a hidden camera in the elderly woman’s apartment, not truly expecting to catch anything.

Footage recorded by the camera shows the home health aide binding the elderly woman in what seems to be a strait jacket type configuration of bed sheets. When the home health aide was made aware of the recording, she denied the allegation and immediately took the woman to Mount Sinai Hospital. The home health aide has since vanished without a trace, despite the authorities’ best efforts to locate her.

A complaint has been filed with the state health department and an investigation has been launched against the agency that employed the home health aide for neglect, abuse and violations against the victim’s state and federal rights.

This case may seem like a rare thing, but this kind of abuse is a common occurrence. Families and victims that have suffered at the hands of abusive or neglectful home health aides or nursing home staff may benefit by speaking to an experienced attorney.

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