New Pedestrian Hazards for Howard Beach, NY Seniors

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Pedestrian safety has become a growing concern in the Howard Beach area due to dangerous traffic conditions. Lack of traffic safety is causing a buzz in the community in regards to the high potential for pedestrian injury and even death. As a personal injury firm representing injured pedestrians, we call for immediate improvements to this dangerous intersection.

For senior citizens like Mr. Robert Ortiz, the route to their daily doctor’s appointments next to the new senior center has been a risky ordeal. The course to Catholic Charities Howard Beach Senior Center, which is at the intersection of eight-lane Cross Bay Blvd. and the four-lane 156th Ave, has become increasingly difficult and dangerous. Due to such unsafe traffic conditions, senior citizens are being forced to jaywalk across 156th Ave. In order to avoid a potential disaster at the quick signal on Cross Bay Boulevard. Community advocates, including the Tri-State Transportation Campaign are urging the city to make safety improvements a topmost priority in order to avoid local tragedies and accidents in the future.

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