Low-T Drugs Linked to Heart Attacks in Men

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

Can a heart attack be a side effect from testosterone drugs? The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating the risks of heart attacks in men as a result of taking Low Testosterone (known as Low-t) prescription medications. Our firm’s litigation experience with hormone over the last four decades would not be surprised with this connection.

Low testosterone drugs have been approved by the FDA Since 1953. Sales of all testosterone increasing drugs are predicted to reach $5 billion by 2017. Low-T is a testosterone deficiency, which causes men to lose sex and fertility. Testosterone levels decline in men as they age but are these low-t prescriptions safe to take? Studies in the journal PLoS ONE, a scientific online nonprofit organization, report that men over 65 and younger men with heart conditions will double their risk of having a heart attack within three months of taking low-t medication.

Pharmaceutical companies are pushing prescriptions by trying to convince every man that he can be more sexually active just by taking low-t drugs such as AndroGel.

If you or someone you know has suffered a heart attack after being prescribed a low-t drug, the law firm of Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP, can help you receive compensation. Please contact one of our attorneys to fight for you or a loved one.

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