Robotic-Assisted Hysterectomy

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Da Vinci Hysterectomy Complications

The Intuitive Surgery, Inc., has an exclusive monopoly on manufacturing and supplying its “da Vinci” surgical robots in the United States. These robots use monopolar electrical energy to assist surgeons in cutting and cauterizing blood vessels and organ tissues. While advertised as a safe alternative to traditional surgical methods, the high-heat energy has shown to cause severe burns. Additionally, lack of proper insulation in the robot’s arms can allow the electricity to escape to other parts of the body.

The most common complications resulting from robotic-assisted hysterectomies are:

Unfortunately, many of these injuries go unnoticed during the surgery. The patient may suffer a prolonged and complicated recovery, and may need additional surgery to heal the injury. In extreme cases, the injury can lead to death. If you or your family has been adversely affected by one of these surgeries, then our dedicated, knowledgeable New York robotic surgery malpractice attorneys are ready to assist you.

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