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New York Robotic Surgery Injury Attorneys

Serving Medical Malpractice Clients Nationwide

Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP represents clients in New York City and nationwide who have been injured due to errors in robotic surgery. These injuries are often caused by physician malpractice or errors in the design of the machine or both. We will thoroughly evaluate the case to determine who should be held liable and seek maximum compensation for our clients.

If you or your family has been adversely affected, our legal advocates are ready to assist you. Call us at (212) 684-1880 today.

Types of Robotic Surgery Injuries

Applications for robotic surgery continue to grow, but so are instances in which patients are harmed due to surgical or device errors. Already, we have seen certain types of injuries trending due to the growing prevalence of these procedures.

The most common types of injuries due to the use of robots are:

The main source of the injuries associated with robotic surgery is the use of electricity in the cutting, coagulating and cauterizing. The electricity is passed through the instruments inserted by the robot into the body cavity. Due to the use of monopolar energy, the device increases the risk of burns since the electricity jumps or arcs from the instrument to the body part, whereas there are safer methods to do electrosurgery.

The company making these robotic surgery devices, Intuitive Surgery, Inc., advertises its products as safe. Unfortunately, errors in the device, along with improper training and other factors, make these products far more dangerous. Our attorneys have a long history of obtaining successful results in product liability claims, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your specific case.

Delayed Diagnosis

Many of the injuries due to the use of the robot are delayed in their detection. The patient may be taken back to the operating room days later. This can increase medical expenses, but more importantly, it puts the patient at risk for infection and other health issues resulting from delayed detection of the injury. Our New York robotic surgery injury lawyers will take all of this into account when handling your case.

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