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Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence Lawsuits

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Robot-Assisted Hysterectomy Complications

Vaginal cuff dehiscence refers to the separation of a vaginal incision, usually after a hysterectomy or other gynecological surgery. Complications may include excessive bleeding and bowel evisceration. Both of these could lead to death in serious cases.

While vaginal cuff dehiscence is rare, the condition is more common in laparoscopic surgeries, using robotic medical devices. The cause of this is often associated with the robot’s use of monopolar electrical energy. The high heat combined with the lack of proper insulation on a robot’s arm can cause damage to healthy tissues. The weakened tissue is not able to support the incision and can separate after surgery despite procedures to close the wound.

In some instances, the surgeon performing the surgery may be held liable for negligence in operating the robot. Failure to control the arms can result in nicks and increases the likelihood of burns and other injuries. Whether the vaginal injury resulted from a doctor’s error or a flawed robot design, we will hold the negligent party liable and seek justice on our clients’ behalf.

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