At Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, Ruffo & Giuffra LLP we have always known that one of our primary missions is to inform the public of health information which affects their daily lives. Our long and continuing history of courtroom battles with drug and medical device companies has exposed us to information vital to the general public yet is not covered by the mainstream media from the consumer’s perspective. The articles on this page are intended to expose how dangerous drugs and medical products go from the initial development process to being mass marketed to the public. These articles explore how our society repeatedly fails to safeguard the consumer from dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. Aggressive litigation firms such as ours are sometimes the only protection consumers have when manufacturers and governmental agencies fail to honor their legal and moral responsibility to people.

These articles also address the healthcare system, and how current regulations repeatedly fail to protect patients. Unfortunately, hospitals and medical societies are self-regulating and many deserve a failing grade. Like gaps in protections from dangerous drugs and medical devices, there are patterns of failure with healthcare providers where litigation attorneys are the only recourse for patients injured by medical negligence.