Lawsuit Claims New York Donor Network Presurring Hospitals to Declare Patients Brain Dead to Harvest Organs

By: George Mikhail

A lawsuit has been filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court against the New York Organ Donor Network for pressuring hospitals to declare patients brain dead in order to harvest their organs. The lawsuit has cited several cases that allege this ridiculous practice.

In one instance, a 19 year old man was brought to Nassau University Medical Center after getting injured in a car accident. Although he displayed brain activity, the doctors declared him brain dead after pressure from the donor network. At Staten Island University Hospital, there was a case where a woman's body was still jerking; however, she was also declared brain dead. Another incident occurred when a woman admitted in St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx, and her daughter was pressured by the donor network officials to give consent. There is also another case in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, where a man was admitted showing brain activity and declared brain dead to harvest his organs.