By: Charles Lee

The situation is this- Albany Medical Center, Ellis Medicine, St. Peter's Hospital, Northeast Health, and Seton Health, pooled information regarding the wages of their registered nurses and secretly planned to keep level the nurses' salaries at a minimum for a four-year period.

This meant that Albany nurses would not be able to get a raise for a whopping four years that led 3,200 Albany nurses to file suit. Numerous wage suppression lawsuits were filed all across the United States in 2006 and this particular suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Albany, is rightfully providing settlement checks for the Albany nurses.

This class-action lawsuit that was filed almost seven years ago recently settled where the five health systems did not admit wrongdoing. From the largest to the smallest settlements in particular order: Ellis Medicine paid $4.8 million, Albany Medical Center paid $4.5 million, St. Peter's Hospital paid $2.7 million, Northeast Health paid $1.3 million, and Seton Health paid $745,000.

The checks designated for the Albany nurses came to an average of $1,730.