Malpractice During Orthopedic Surgery

By Paul Rheingold

An important new medical study of the consequences of orthopedic surgery documents a large number of instances where the doctor was the cause of complications or poor outcome. While the doctors, who are in Scotland, discretely refer to these injuries as "iatrogenic," we understand this means "doctor-caused."

In a study conducted, doctors studied over 48,000 bad outcomes which had been reported to the British data base. ( Drug Healthc Patient Saf.<> 2013;5:57-65) Major causes were bad care in the hospital and development of infections.

After we meet with former patients who had had bone surgery of some sort, and there has been a bad outcome, we send for records and have our nurse analyze them to look for the very type of mistakes which are categorized in this article. If you have questions regarding surgical errors and medical malpractice law, contact our law firm for a no-charge consultation.