By Thamanna Hussain

Did you know that one in every 20 patients gets a hospital-acquired infection? In fact, it has become one of the biggest public threats we face, with medical malpractice litigation being one check of this very preventable problem.

Bacteria cause hospital-acquired infections and get stronger after evolving in hospitals for generations. Recently, this has become increasingly clear when patients visiting the hospital are regularly exposed to infections that can make their conditions even worse.

Accelerate Diagnostics, a Tucson, Ariz., biotech firm, is offering a faster way to diagnose the infections and speed treatment. The firm came up with a non-cultured testing for the rapid identification of drug-resistant organisms as well as hospital-acquired infections.

Our firm is happy to see that new advances are being made in fighting such hazardous infections. Infections can quickly enter the body through a wound, or even through inhalation, touch and food. If you have questions regarding the prevention of hospital-acquired infections or need medical malpractice legal help, please contact us.