Mesh Plastic Used by CR Bard Deemed Unfit for Humans

By: Caroline Mason

Vaginal mesh devices sold by CR Bard have been constructed out ofplastic not fit for humans.

Chevron Philips Chemical Company registered a warning that it should not be used inside of humans. Davol is a unit of Chevron Philips Chemical Co. that used this product in their Avaulta implant line. Their employees were told by executives not to mention to Chevron Philips that the material was being used in implantable devices.

Now thousands of women are filing lawsuits against Davol knowing that they used materials with warnings against it.

Transvaginal mesh devices were supposed to strengthen the pelvic walls but instead caused urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse among other issues.

The first of these cases against Avaulta's defective design are scheduled to begin next month.