Rheingold Guiffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP Files Lawsuits Against Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson on Behalf of Defective Hernia Mesh Victims

Johnson & Johnson Our firm, Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo, & Plotkin LLP, has filed multiple lawsuits against Ethicon, Inc., the makers of the defective Physiomesh, as well as their parent company, Johnson & Johnson. We are representing many patients from around the country who suffered from various complications such as hernia recurrences and chronic abdominal pain as a result of Physiomesh. Our lawsuits claimx Ethicon was aware of the serious consequences of Physiomesh, such as severe abdominal pain and hernia recurrence, but did nothing preventative with this knowledge--risking the wellbeing of countless patients across the nation.

Physiomesh was designed to be an implantable tissue-separating mesh, best used in laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs. It is composed of non-absorbable, macro porous polypropylene mesh. However, it has widely been regarded as a defective product due the various medical complications that arise with its implantation. Countless patients have suffered or been injured as a result of Physiomesh, and these victims are pursuing multi-district litigation in an effort to consolidate and streamline all legal proceedings. The MDL is currently centralized within Atlanta, George.

According to the Herniamed German Registry and Danish Hernia Database, DHDB, Physiomesh patients have experienced a “higher than the average rates of the comparator set of meshes in the registries.” Records show these risks have been known since as early as 2012. Our very own Attorney David Rheingold went on record to state the following regarding the lawsuit: “Physiomesh is a looming medical disaster as Ethicon has never contacted Physiomesh patients about the hernia mesh failures.”

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