Fort Ord Joins Camp Lejeune in Toxic Water Probe

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo & Plotkin LLP

For years, the federal government received complaints about serious illnesses from those stationed at Camp Lejeune.  Finally, the federal government decided to do something about it.  Now, there are reports that service personnel stationed at the shuttered Fort Ord in California have contracted cancer from toxins in the drinking water.

Federal health officials are conducting a new study to determine whether veterans once stationed at a now-shuttered California military base were exposed to dangerously high levels of cancer-causing toxins.

The decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes nine months after an Associated Press investigation found that drinking water at Fort Ord contained toxic chemicals and that hundreds of veterans who lived at the central California coast base in the 1980s and 1990s later developed rare and terminal blood cancers.

When the Associated Press ran a story about the polluted waters, the government downplayed the severity of the toxic exposure.  The AP’s review of public documents showed the Army knew that chemicals had been improperly dumped at Fort Ord for decades. Even after the contamination was documented, the Army played down the risks.

Camp Lejeune All Over Again

The sequence of events surrounding the discovery of toxicity at Fort Ord and the government’s role in a cover-up is eerily similar to what occurred at Camp Lejeune.  It is too early to tell how many courageous military veterans and their families have been seriously injured by what happened at Fort Ord.

If you or a family member were stationed at Fort Ord and contracted cancer, please contact us for a free case evaluation.

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