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Covidien Hernia Mesh Complications: List of Defective Products

By Ethan Cohen

There are dozens of models in the Covidien Symbotex line of hernia mesh implants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With so many different models, there exists only one unique trait that spans all of the Symbotex implants: A greenish, circular marker in the center of the implant. 

Because these markers are not always the most reliable way to identify Covidien Symbotex products, using product numbers is often the best way to know for sure.

Product numbers are created in accordance with the shape and size of the implant, as well as the procedure the implant was designed for.

Below is a list of the most commonly used Covidien Symbotex products, their shape, size and assigned product numbers:[i]

ProcedureShapeSizeProduct Number
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairOval17 x 10 centimetersSYM1710E
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairOval20 x 12 centimetersSYM2012E
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairOval25 x 15 centimetersSYM2515E
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairOval34 x 20 centimetersSYM3420E
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairOval40 x 24 centimetersSYM4024E
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle15 x 10 centimetersSYM1510
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle20 x 15 centimetersSYM2015
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle25 x 20 centimetersSYM2520
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle30 x 20 centimetersSYM3020
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle37 x 28 centimetersSYM3728
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairRectangle42 x 32 centimetersSYM4232
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairCircular9 centimetersSYM9
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairCircular12 centimetersSYM12
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairCircular15 centimetersSYM15
Laparoscopic Ventral RepairCircular20 centimetersSYM20
Open Ventral RepairRectangle15 x 10 centimetersSYM1510OS
Open Ventral RepairRectangle20 x 15 centimetersSYM2015OS
Open Ventral RepairRectangle25 x 20 centimetersSYM2520OS
Open Ventral RepairRectangle30 x 20 centimetersSYM3020OS
Open Ventral RepairCircular8 centimetersSYM8OS

If you are still unsure whether your implant is covered by the recall, you should make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your situation further.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a Covidien hernia mesh implant, please contact the New York attorneys at Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP for a free consultation today. Our experienced team has over 50 years of experience with product liability and medical malpractice cases.

[i] Symbotex Composite Mesh Brochure, 2019.

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