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Do I Have a Hernia Mesh Case That Can Be Settled?

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP

No two people are affected by hernia mesh injuries in the same way. We strive to listen to your injuries and how they are affecting your health, career and personal life. Our firm has litigated and settled many hernia cases, and we have invested hundreds more. We give you an honest evaluation of your individual cases. Individual trials and settlements are specifically about you, and how your life has been affected.

What Type of Hernia Mesh Injuries Have Been Settled In Past Litigations?

  • Removed Mesh with Extensive Scarring: The underside of the mesh adheres to intestines, stomach, bladder or small intestine.
  • Removed Mesh with Small Bowel Resection: Serious mesh erosion can lead to a tear in the intestines require emergency surgery that leads to remove a section of the small bowel.
  • Contraction, Shrinkage, Migration of the Mesh: The mesh moves from its original position and needs reattachment or removal.
  • Infection: A long course of antibiotics, or surgical removal.
  • Removal with Complicated Nerve Involvement: A surgeon documents cutting of nerves and growth of nerves into the mesh.
  • Removal of Inguinal Mesh in Men Due to Damage to Testes: Mesh in the inguinal canal can migrate or scar over leading to constriction of vessels to the testes.

What Are the Average Settlement Values?

Past individual settlement amounts in hernia and pelvic mesh litigations are confidential. Some publicly available reports on the internet speak of average values being $70,000 by calculating total amounts and number of settling cases. There is a general pattern in litigations of identifying injury categories. Hernia mesh could potentially be broken down in these categories:

  • Lowest values for mesh that has not been removed.
  • Non-removed mesh but extensive IV antibiotic treatment for infection.
  • Surgery to partially or fully remove the mesh.
  • Mesh removal surgery that has unique complications, such as extended hospital stay or infection
  • Multiple surgeries
  • “Extraordinary” injury cases where significant and unusual injuries and monetary damages occurred

Settlements Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Law firms such as ours battle defendants — sometimes for years. The nature of settlement plans comes from input from one or more sources: judges, courts, mediators, arbitrators, and of course plaintiffs and defendants. When defendants offer small sums, some cases may settle but litigation will continue at great expense to defendants. Where medical device companies pay fair amounts, there’s usually a “global” resolution where each victim is treated fairly.

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