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First Trials Scheduled for Exactech Knee Replacement Lawsuits

By David B. Rheingold

Of the more than 1,100 Exactech knee replacement lawsuits filed across the country, twelve will be selected for bellwether trials beginning as early as June 2025. The bellwether process involves those cases with similar fact patterns as well as issues of law that are intended to gauge how potential jurors in other trials may react to the evidence presented to them.

While these bellwether trials have no impact on other Exactech knee replacement cases that go to trial, they do provide an indicator as to the value of the individual cases.

The first Exactech knee replacement lawsuit that will go before a jury will come from the New York trial pool, and is scheduled to begin on June 2, with a second bellwether trial from the same pool set to begin on August 5, 2025.

Judge Donna Keim of the Eighth Judicial Circuit is currently overseeing the Exactech lawsuits in Florida state court, and has previously indicated that the first case will this fall in October.

We are pleased that the first trials have been scheduled in the Exactech knee replacement cases so that those who have been injured by these defective knee replacement devices may finally find justice and resolution.

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