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Physiomesh Hernia Mesh Case Conference Date Set by Multidistrict Litigation Judge

By Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman LLP

The Ethicon Physiomesh has been linked to numerous device failures and patient health safety issues across the United States. In response, many patients have come forth with lawsuits seeking compensation for harm caused by the defective device. So many complaints were created in a relatively brief window of time, multidistrict litigation (MDL) became necessary to handle them all.

In recent news, United States District Judge Richard W. Story has planned out an August 1st, 2017 conference date for the federal lawsuits filed in regards to the Ethicon Physiomesh defects. Legal professionals managing the cases for plaintiffs, brought together under an MDL, will be given the opportunity to consider and address pretrial processes for all of the cases. In many regards, the conference is the first step in seeking justice and compensation for those wrongfully injured by the defective hernia mesh device.

Details Regarding Physiomesh Cases

The Ethicon Physiomesh was put onto the medical market in March of 2010. It was advertised to doctors and surgeons as an improved hernia mesh device that used a bio-absorbable film coating to help the body integrate the mesh without inflammation or dangerous reaction. While the idea was innovative, it would prove to be poorly tested. An inordinate amount of Physiomesh devices did not stay in place, or failed to prevent hernia remission, apparently due to the bio-absorbable film reducing its hold strength. After a large amount of patients needed secondary surgery to correct the device failure, the medical product was eliminated from the market.

The resulting lawsuits were actually filed against Johnson & Johnson (J&J), the parent company of Ethicon. Plaintiffs frequently cited similar sources of pain and suffering, all caused by similar, if not identical, defects and failures in the Physiomesh device. The noticeable overlap in causes and effects prompted the creation of the larger MDL.

New York Trial Attorneys Managing Physiomesh Cases

The 2016 market withdrawal of the Ethicon Physiomesh was due to the high failure rates with the mesh, and can be interpreted as clear evidence of the device’s inherent issues. Several problems were associated with the Physiomesh, including the reoccurrence of hernias and higher than expected reoperation rates. Many others have suffered from serious side effects, such as infections, chronic pain, excessive scar tissue, bowel obstruction, intestinal tract blockages, and some life-threatening complications. Mesh migration that erodes, constricts or perforates an organ may also result.

At Rheingold Giuffra Ruffo Plotkin & Hellman, LLP, our New York trial attorneys are working to protect you. We are currently managing cases associated with Ethicon’s Physiomesh and dedicating ourselves fully to understanding the extent of the issue and the harm caused to innocent patients. Our objective is providing compassionate and effective legal counsel that seeks every last penny our clients deserve. Holding onto our high standards in the past has achieved multiple multimillion dollar settlements in similar cases.

Your pain and suffering should not go ignored. Contact our team today to schedule a free case evaluation.

By: Queenie Cheng

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