Black Box Warning Added to Propylthiouracil

The FDA recently asked manufacturers to update their warnings for the hyperthyroidism drug propylthiouracil to a Black Box Warning, the strongest warning the FDA permits, due to reports of severe liver injury and acute liver failure. The new warning recommends limiting the use of propylthiouracil to people that cannot tolerate alternate forms of therapy like radioactive iodine or thyroid surgery.

If you have had a liver related injury after taking the drug propylthiouracil and you feel that the manufacturers should be held responsible, contact an experienced drug liability attorney with a history of results to protect your rights.

Our firm is investigating whether the drug manufacturers mislead doctors and patients about the safety of propylthiouracil and will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Below is a link to the FDA website about the new warnings for the drug propylthiouracil.