OsmoPrep Lawsuits Recently Filed


Our firm recently started suits for four users of OsmoPrep, which caused them serious kidney damage. OsmoPrep is a sodium phosphate product used to cleanse the bowels preparatory to a colonoscopy. It is the pill form of the Fleet product which was recalled in 2008 due to its potential to damage or kill the kidney.

The four suits are against the manufacturer of OsmoPrep, Salix Laboratories, which is located in Raleigh N.C. They were brought in the state court in Burke County. There are other suits against Salix pending around the country, mostly in federal courts. It is possible that they will be joined together, just as the Fleet cases are. These are in Cleveland and our firm is one of the lead counsel.

These products are especially dangerous in people whose kidneys are already impaired. The kidneys have problems excreting the sodium phosphate, which leads to them becoming calcified. At the same time that the Fleet version was withdrawn, Salix was forced to place a blackbox warning on its product of these risks. Studies have shown that a lot of problems can be avoided if a small (but still effective) dose is used, or more water is consumed while one is taking the pills.