Wyeth, Pfizer Promote Off-label Rapamune Use Despite Risks

Wyeth and Pfizer are being sued for promoting the drug Rapamune for uses unapproved by the FDA, and specifically targeting African-Americans despite their being at a high risk for complications.

Two former hospital sales representatives originally filed their whistle blower law suit in 2005 and it was just recently unsealed. The suit alleges Pfizer told its representatives to promote Rapamune for use in heart, lung, liver, and pancreas transplants despite only being approved for kidney transplants.

The suit also alleges Wyeth specifically targeted African American despite their having no data to support it's use in their population. African Americans have a more vigorous immune response to new organs and Rapamune works by suppressly your immune response as to not reject new organs. One of the hospitals specifically targeting for marketing was SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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