Bayer $750 Million Accord in Modified-Rice Case

Our firm is no stranger to Bayer. The German multinational with a strong presence in the United States, has been the subject of some of the largest drug product litigation in the last decade. They quickly resolved many rhabdomyolysis claims for their withdrawn "Baycol" cholesterol lowring drug. Their liability centered around over-promoting a drug which actually didn't work well, so they told doctors to increase the dosing. And this in turn led to devastating muscle injuries. More recently, Bayer has been called before the FDA for the birth control products Yasmin, Yaz and Beyaz for the increased clot risk posed by the birth control-which they knew of but claimed it was just as safe as othe contraceptives.

There failed products don't just come from the drug world. They have offered a settlement nearing one billion dollars for crops tainted by a genetically modified strain. Litigation was in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas. The genetically modified variety cross-bred with and "contaminated" rice lands. Juries awarded farmers about $54 million in total compensatory and punitive damages before Bayer finally agreed to a global settlement