Ptotiga Anti-Seizure Drug: FDA Warns of Serious Harm to Eyes, Blindness

Blindness, vision loss and other eye injuries have been reported with the anti-seizure drug Ptotiga. Our firm is investigating these based on our litigation and trial experience with blindness and ulceration injuries associated with Renu MoisturLoc lens cleaner. Settlements from that litigation were confidential.

The FDA action includes requiring a "black box" warning being added to Ptotiga, the most serious type the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues. The FDA reported the following risks: abnormalities in the eye, vision loss and skin discoloration, all of which may become permanent.

Medical recommendations are for patients to have eye exams before starting Ptotiga and every six months during treatment, the FDA said. Our firm's experience from the Renu MoisturLoc litigation showed that prompt treatment by a optometrist or ophthalmologist was important, as some injuries can progress quickly and become permanent. If you have an inquiry, please call our firm to talk to a litigation partner, and we have a nurse on staff. We are very familiar with GlaxoSmithKline, and our website has blog reports about their fraud penalties.