Dangerous Carcinogen Known as NDMA Found in Zantac | How Could This Effect You?

Zantac which is the generic name of the antiacid and antihistamine Ranitidine to stop and prevent heartburn. Zantac was recently recalled by its distributor Novartis Sandoz. This product is not FDA recalled due to the fact they still need to undergo more testing. However, as for now the drug is recalled. The most recent finding is in a carcinogen that leads to cancers in the digestive track systems, the lungs, stomach, and liver. The reason for this distributor recall is for the finding traces of a carcinogen called N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in the drug. Similarly this carcinogen has also been found in blood pressure and heart failure medications, leading to many prescription recalls. This finding has led to a worldwide recall of Zantac, the FDA is still undergoing investigations to see where the NDMA came from. Depending on the dosage of the drug you may take the different amounts of NDMA are found.

According to the FDA, Zantac meets the federal requirements of over the counter medications. The FDA still need to determine and try to dispose of the NDMA in the drug. Zantac is the generic name of the drug Ranitidine, and Valisure filed a petition with the FDA asking it to recall and suspend sales of ranitidine. Due to the large amounts of NDMA found in ranitidine from different manufactures and different dosages, each pill has a trace of NDMA in it.

Other than the fact that Zantac distribution was halted, the FDA has not recalled the drug just yet. Therefore, you may still buy the drug in stores. The FDA claims that having a small dosage will not hurt you, but NDMA is still found in every pill and dosage of Zantac. Written by: Isabella Novello

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