ZANTAC Litigation Developments: Federal Judge Appointed to Manage 10,000 Expected Cancer Lawsuits

Progress within the upcoming Zantac litigation! All federal cases will be directed to MDL (Multi-District Litigation) litigation to the Southern District of Florida, with U.S. District Judge Robin L. Rosenberg in the Southern District of Florida. The first initial conference will be held on March 20, 2020.

David Rheingold has personally met multiple times with future steering committee members to help map out the litigation strategy. There will be three categories of claims: individual personal injury lawsuits for devastating cancer cases, litigants who want “future medical monitoring,” and consumer class actions for the reimbursement of drug purchases. With this news, we are investigating potential claims and filing lawsuits. We are also researching that state courts might offer a more fast-track option, such as in New Jersey and California. For example, California has “preference” trials which allows a plaintiff with life-threatening cancer to have a quick trial.

If you suffered or continued to suffer from injuries caused by the Zantac, Call us today for a free case evaluation to speak with a knowledgeable New York recalled drug attorney.