Medical Monitoring for Cancer

Studies have shown that usage of the heartburn drug Zantac positively correlates to the formation of carcinogenic chemicals within their body. Numerous users of Zantac have developed different forms of cancer.

While cancer symptoms are extremely blatant in its final stages, it may remain undetected for years before a patient even suspects the illness. Some cancers do not present pain symptoms, leaving patients unaware of any appearance of cancer.

Zantac has been proven to possess a cancer risk for those who have consumed the drug. Due to the active ingredient ranitidine, high levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) occurred as a result. The high levels of NDMA produced have contributed to the development of cancer in consumers. Past users of Zantac have reported that they have been diagnosed with cancers such as breast, throat, uterine, and thyroid cancers.

Individuals who have used Zantac require to take specialized tests to monitor for these illnesses. The lawsuit echoes, by stating “the increased risk of serious latent disease described above makes it reasonably necessary to each person so exposed to undergo periodic diagnostic medical examinations different from what would be prescribed in the absence of such exposure.”

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These medical examinations often require extensive payments. The lawsuit calls for the defendants who “breached their duty of reasonable care” by negligently promoting, marketing, and distributing their pharmaceutical drug, despite the presence of dangerous chemicals. The lawsuit seeks medical monitoring funding and costs associated with additional testing for consumers of the drug Zantac.

The plaintiffs seek a class-action lawsuit and demand a jury trial to assess the outcomes of this case. Users who are seeking medical monitoring compensation have not been diagnosed with cancer but are calling for assistance to pay for these additional screenings. As cancer remains undetected in most until specialized tests are conducted, medical monitoring compensation is crucial to allowing individuals who have used Zantac in the past to afford and receive the sufficient level of healthcare needed to detect these illnesses.

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