Zantac Users Seek Medical Monitoring Lawsuit

If you have taken Zantac and have not experienced symptoms, you may be eligible for medical monitoring compensation.

In a recent complaint, 13 plaintiffs and other users of the heartburn drug Zantac are seeking medical monitoring compensation. Zantac, a heartburn drug, has been found to contain a carcinogen, N- Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Recent studies have revealed that NDMA leads to different cancers including stomach and thyroid cancer. According to the complaint, “NDMA is very harmful to the liver of humans and animals. People who were intentionally poisoned on one or several occasions with unknown levels of NDMA in beverage or food died of severe liver damage accompanied by internal bleeding.”

The plaintiffs allege that the producers of Zantac were aware of the damaging components of the acid reflux drug and did not inform users. It was only revealed that Zantac was dangerous in September of 2019 by an independent pharmaceutical company.

Zantac, initially a prescription-only drug when it joined the market in 1986 has since transferred over to an over the counter medication, which has caused illnesses in a great number of consumers. With this history, retailers such as CVS and Walgreens have taken their Zantac items off shelves to prevent further liability. Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration, just last month in April of 2020, requested that all manufacturers remove all Zantac products from store shelves in the United States.

Doctors are working with a CT scan in hospital to check if there are signs of cancer in patient who used Zantac.

With these measures were put into place due to the potentially dangerous outcomes, many individuals require preventative monitoring to ensure that if they do acquire these illnesses it is spotted early enough. In addition to medical monitoring funding, the complaint also called for the establishment of a science board to be funded by the defendants to continue research on the effects of Zantac in consumers.

The complaint asks for compensation for users of Zantac who have yet to experience symptoms. If you or a loved one has taken Zantac in the past and would like to know if you are eligible for medical monitoring funding please contact Attorney David Rheingold immediately at 888-260-0473.