Kaba Keyless Lock Defect Stuns Owners: Class Action Filed

As previously reported here, and here the recent news that the Kaba Simplex Keyless Lock can be opened simply by using a magnet is shocking owners all over the country. This major defect is causing business owners to take swift action in replacing these locks before their valuables get stolen.

Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP has recently filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of owners with the Kaba Simplex Keyless Mechanical Locks. There are various models that are effected. Feel free to contact our firm for a free consultation to find out if the Kaba Lock you own is one of the effected models.

By applying a magnet to the Kaba Lock it is easily opened without knowing the security code or pin number. Our firm believes that at the the very least owners should be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price. If you own a Kaba Lock contact the lawyers at Rheingold, Giuffra, Ruffo & Plotkin LLP for a free consultation.