Toyota Bought Back SUA Vehicles from Customers

Court documents recently filed in the Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration MDL allege that Toyota bought back some vehicles from customers that claimed to have experienced sudden unintended acceleration. After buying them back they had customers sign a confidentiality agreement in order to keep them quiet about the defects. The documents also claim that Toyota failed to report the buy backs to federal regulators.

Furthermore the Plaintiff's argue that Toyota technicians had documented cases of SUA and were able to recreate the events. Toyota claims that none of their technicians have ever been able to reproduce the events and that the technicians the Plaintiff's speak of were at some of their dealerships which are privately owned. Nonetheless these events were reported to Toyota by the dealerships.

In relaying a customer's comments one service supervisor wrote, "Toyota had better get going quick as I predict this will result in numerous accidents and possible deaths." The customer then went on to say, "I have talked with my service manager and he said 'They all do it."

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