New Suit Against Dial for Consumer Fraud

A lawsuit brought by a woman from Missouri is just the latest in a series of lawsuit brought against the Dial Corporation regarding its claims for Dial Complete Antibacterial Hand Wash. The lawsuit claims that Dial's marketing of Dial Complete as "the No. 1 doctor recommended brand" and its ability to "kill 99.99 percent of germs" was misleading and constitutes consumer fraud. Dial attributes these claims to it's activate ingredient triclosan. However, no independent study has ever concluded that triclosan was better than regular water and soap. The Dial Corporation bases its claims solely on the results of one study funded by Dial Corporation.

Tricloson is a member of a class of chemicals with suspected cancer links. The Environmental Protection Agency has already classified it as a pesticide rated high for human health risks and environmental risks. The FDA has taken action as well. After coming to the conclusion that antimicrobial soaps (like triclosan) do not reduce the risk of infection and illness in the home, they issued a consumer update in 2010 that reflected these findings. However, to date the Dial Corporation has not amended its marketing campaign to reflect these findings.