Defective Tire Case- $4.3 Million Verdict in Broome County

After our successful appeal, our firm took a defective tire case to trial and the Broome County jury returned with a verdict of $4,346,033.43 combined for all plaintiffs.

This case arose from a motor vehicle accident that occurred on August 1, 2002. There were 5 women in the Toyota Land Cruiser. The driver and the front passenger were wearing their seat belts. The back three passengers were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the accident and all were ejected from the vehicle during the roll-over.

While traveling on Interstate 81 Southbound, the left rear tire failed and the vehicle careened out of control. It rolled over 4 times ejecting the rear seat passengers. One passenger died while the others received serious injuries. The case went to trial on March 19, 2012.

After 2 ½ weeks of trial, the jury found Dunlop Tire Corporation strictly liable for a manufacturing defect in its tire that caused a total tread separation from the tire carcass resulting in a single-vehicle roll-over accident. The jury also found Dunlop breached its implied warranty that the tire was reasonably fit for its ordinary purpose.

The jury placed 100% of the liability on Dunlop and awarded each plaintiff according to her injuries and/or death. The plaintiffs in total received over $4.3 million.