Coney Island Cyclone Rollercoaster Still an Injury Threat to Patrons

Less than a week after Senior Trial Partner Thomas P. Giuffra's $1.5 million verdict against the Coney Island Cyclone's operators, the season's very first Cyclone rollercoaster riders were ready for the initial drop on the Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island when the ride suddenly stopped moving. Passengers were stuck on the ride high above the ground. Luna Park employees had to rescue the riders by slowly leading them down the precarious walkway next to the tracks built in 1927. Riders were frightened as they had to walk back down the incline that the coaster had just climbed up. Passengers walked down planks of wood made as steps to slowly climb back down. Witnesses and workers said the conveyer belt used to move the ride slipped off its track, an ominous sign for a rollercoaster associated with many injuries and a death in 2007. Luckily no one was injured in this incident.

by Kelly Larrea