UK Man's Leg Catches Fire From Exploding E-Cigarette

Last week, a British man was shocked while walking down the sidewalk, by sounds of what he though was a bomb exploding. After catching his bearings, he realized his leg was on fire. What he though was a bomb, was in reality his e-cigarette exploding in his pocket, causing his leg to catch fire. His leg is permanently scarred and he is likely to need skin grafts to treat his current condition.

The 20-year old was lucky to walk away from the accident with only the injuries he suffered. If the vapor cigarette was located toward the inside of his pocket his prospect for having children could have been wiped out in an instant, or if he was using the e-cigarette when it exploded he could have suffered a whole host of terrible issues. Although not frequent, lithium ion, as the ones used in most e-cigarettes can malfunction and explode, causing devastating injuries.

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