Hair Relaxers Have Been Linked to Uterine Cancer

By Adell Birchwood

Prolonged usage of chemical hair straighteners can increase chances of being diagnosed with uterine cancer, says new NIH study

Some of you may have heard about recent concerns that may link uterine cancers to chemical hair straighteners as well as the possibility of litigation. The National Institutes of Health has concluded through scientific studies that hair straightening products can lead to a higher risk of developing uterine cancer in women. If you are concerned about these new findings, here is some information that may help you get more informed about these recent stories:

  • During the 11-year study of 33,497 women, 378 cases of uterine cancer were diagnosed in women that use chemical hair relaxers.
  • Ingredients such as parabens, bisphenol A, metals, and formaldehyde are believed to be contributing to the increased uterine cancer risk to those that use chemical relaxers.
  • Studies show that the risk of uterine cancer doubled in women who used chemical hair straighteners, which is one of the rarest forms of cancers.
  • According to the NIH study, due to higher prevalence of use, Black women have shown a rising incidence rate of uterine cancer over the years.

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