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Medication errors a major concern

For most surgical patients, the moment between going to sleep and waking up is the most carefree moment of the entire surgical process. So long as we wake up having not suffered an injury, we may never actually know if there were any issues during surgery. Unfortunately, some of the most common surgical mistakes don't always result in serious injury.

Complicated birth injuries require dedicated attention

Personal injury cases after a birth injury can be quite complicated. For parents, facing the possibility of their child suffering an injury as the result of doctor or hospital negligence can be difficult to accept. It is a struggle that typically leaves parents feeling helpless and defeated. It is important for parents of infants injured during delivery to seek the immediate help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Receiving the dedicated attention of an experienced attorney can make the difference between the ongoing litigation and the relief of a successful negotiation.

Reality show gets hospital fined for filming death

Although we may assume that most hospital-related injuries are physical in nature, they can occasionally take on a different form. A New York hospital is now facing backlash and penalties for allowing a reality TV show to film the death and distress of emergency room patients.

Recognizing bedsores as a sign of neglect

We hear about nursing home neglect and elder abuse all the time. Unfortunately, it is likely happening more often than we know about. One of the best ways that families can protect their loved ones is to stay diligent during the time their family member is in the care of others and understand and recognize the signs of neglect and abuse.

The many causes of newborn hypoxia

Hypoxia is the term used to describe an inadequate amount of oxygen going to the brain. This is most commonly suffered by infants before, during, and after delivery. Like some other birth related injuries, hypoxia can be reversed if caught early and treated immediately. However, improper or delayed treatment of hypoxia can result in permanent disability and even death.

Push to make clinic practices safer

Unfortunately, many initiatives to make medical practices safer usually only come after there has already been a loss. As a clinic in New York is finding out, the untimely death of a comedic legend was the unfortunate event that is now leading to a major push to adopt safer clinic practices.

Opening the New York Courts to Sexual Abuse Victims

Our partner Thomas Valet continues to lobby New York legislators and Governor Cuomo to support a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitation for criminal or civil cases, as well as remove the 90-day window required to file a notice of claim - the first step in a lawsuit - against a public or government entity. Bills are currently being sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) and Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan), as well as Assemblywoman Margaret Markey. An abused child must file a suit within two years of their eighteenth birthday. This is the first time since 2008 that such bills, which suggest progressive reform, have been introduced. There is strong republican presence in the State Senate, and we encourage citizens to contact their legislators to urge passing of these bills.

Hold negligent hospitals accountable

Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit after suffering an injury or loss can be one of the most difficult challenges an individual ever faces. Depending on the severity of their injury, victims may have little to no extra strength to fight against a large facility and its providers. To make the pursuit of justice a bit easier, an experienced attorney can help.

New York Physician Responsibility: Crack Down on Opioid Epidemic

Doctors in New York State are undergoing a dramatic change in the method in which they prescribe medication to their patients. At the end of March 2016, all doctors are required to directly send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically instead of handwriting them. This method will apply to all forms of medication, most importantly pain medications. The change is being implemented in part due to rising opioid use in the United States. E-prescriptions are aimed to cut down forged prescriptions and to reinforce online prescription databases that help doctors keep track on drugs their clients are taking.

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