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Hospital pays settlement due to unauthorized filming of patients

Hospitals are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or "HIPAA"), which essentially enshrines a patients' right to privacy. This prohibits hospitals, doctors, pharmacists and other caregivers from sharing medical information without prior consent or extenuating circumstances.

Northport VA Hospital Forced to Shut Down Operating Rooms

Operating rooms at the Northport, LI Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital were closed since February due to sand-sized black particles falling from the air ducts. Air quality analysis revealed oxidizing metal and crumbling concrete in the duct system of the hospital. Surgical patients were faced with delays in treatment due to the shutdown of all five of the operating rooms at the Hospital. Several of the operating rooms temporarily reopened in April, but eventually were shut down again due to continuing contamination. Northport handles more than 600 inpatient and more than 1,800 outpatient surgeries annually.

When the unthinkable happens during surgery

When we trust our healthcare to doctors and nurses, especially when facing surgery, we never consider the possibility of serious errors occurring during the procedure. We place our lives in the hands of highly skilled doctors and medical staff. We understand the physical risks involved in surgery, and they are usually explained to us in detail before we are put under anesthesia. However, nobody discusses the possibility of human error on behalf of the medical professionals. This is simply not usually considered and the thought of it may even seem irrational.

FDA Warns of Possible Risk of Amputation from Invokana

Added to the serious side effect of kidney failure and ketoacidosis in Invokana users, comes news from the FDA that there is a serious risk of amputation of feet and legs in diabetics using this drug (generic name canagliflozin, in the category of SGLT-2 inhibitors).

Home health worker wanted for neglect of elderly woman

Family members faced with the long-term care options of a loved one usually weigh the pros and cons of both nursing home facilities and in-home care. Both of these options are extremely expensive, but the peace of mind that comes with adequate care for a loved one is well worth the cost. That is, until family members find out that their loved ones are being mistreated, neglected or abused. As one family is finding out, their decision to hire a private health care aid rather than put their mother in a home didn't protect her from abuse.

Doctors that don't listen are dangerous

It's no secret that doctors don't have the best reputation for being great listeners. In fact, some studies suggest that roughly 17 seconds after patients begin to discuss their concerns with their doctor, their doctor interrupts. Now this may be because the doctor actually believes they know better, or it may be because time is money. Whatever the reason for their lack of attention, doctors that don't listen to patients are dangerous.

Medical Malpractice: 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the USA

A new study on patient safety, published last week in the BMJ, found that "medical errors" in health care facilities account for around 251,000 deaths a year. This astonishing figure places medical errors as the third leading cause of death behind only heart disease and cancer. Medical errors account for more deaths a year than respiratory disease, stroke and Alzheimer's.

Medication errors a major concern

For most surgical patients, the moment between going to sleep and waking up is the most carefree moment of the entire surgical process. So long as we wake up having not suffered an injury, we may never actually know if there were any issues during surgery. Unfortunately, some of the most common surgical mistakes don't always result in serious injury.

Complicated birth injuries require dedicated attention

Personal injury cases after a birth injury can be quite complicated. For parents, facing the possibility of their child suffering an injury as the result of doctor or hospital negligence can be difficult to accept. It is a struggle that typically leaves parents feeling helpless and defeated. It is important for parents of infants injured during delivery to seek the immediate help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Receiving the dedicated attention of an experienced attorney can make the difference between the ongoing litigation and the relief of a successful negotiation.

Reality show gets hospital fined for filming death

Although we may assume that most hospital-related injuries are physical in nature, they can occasionally take on a different form. A New York hospital is now facing backlash and penalties for allowing a reality TV show to film the death and distress of emergency room patients.

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