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New York City Medical Malpractice Law Blog

RVRMG featured in New York Law Journal Verdicts and Settlements Hall of Fame

The New York Law Journal recently released their Verdicts and Settlements Hall of Fame for 2015. The publication includes the highest profile and most impressive motor vehicle accident cases in New York over the past five years. Thomas P. Giuffra, partner at Rheingold, Valet, Rheingold, McCartney and Giuffra, LLP, was featured for having the # 1 left turn accident verdict in New York. Mr. Giuffra, the lead trial attorney in Grossman v. Mari, received a $9 Million award for Plaintiff Grossman from the Westchester jury.

Bait and switch birthing facilities

For most women, the birth of their child tops the list of the most beautiful moments in a lifetime of experiences. However, occasionally there are complications that make the birthing process difficult. For expectant mothers, finding the right medical facility, provider, and birthing staff are key elements of a successful birth, yet even those aspects can sometimes be less than perfect. For one young mother, her decision to move to a birthing facility that she believed was more attentive and holistic led to a horrific experience.

Are surgical black-box recordings in New York's future?

Black-box bills like the one known as Raina's Law are making their way around several states including New York. These bills have been gathering support for victims of medical malpractice and surgical errors. The bill known as Raina's Law was named after a 19-year-old patient who lost her life during a surgical procedure because of negligence by her anesthesiologist. Raina's Law and other bills like it would require hospitals and other medical practices to use a black-box-like system to record surgical procedures.

Medical malpractice cases could lead to bad faith claims

For victims of a medical malpractice case, the confusion and frustration they experience can lead them to feel isolated and alone. For many, the only help they receive is from their insurance company. While victims may think an insurance company understands their suffering and is willing to assume responsibility for it, it may come as a shock when they realize that isn't always the case.

Finding the right fit for your medical malpractice claim

Most of us can't even imagine what it would feel like to be hurt by those we trust to treat and cure us. When we put our care and health in the hands of a medical professional, we relinquish some of our control to them with the belief they could never hurt us. While this is the very notion most doctors work their whole careers to earn, some doctors do not deserve it. Hospital negligence and doctor errors happen every day. And for patients hurt by these careless acts, finding the right attorney can help ease the pain their damage has caused.

Child awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit

When an infant suffers in any way, the parents often struggle with guilt and emotional pain. Sometimes those injuries are suffered during delivery, and in addition to the guilt and pain the parents experience, they also have feelings of anger and frustration. Many times the long and challenging process of pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit is more than parents can bear. For one family, the struggle of their exhaustive legal battle paid off when a judge awarded a little girl millions.

Pitfalls of the Consumer Arbitration Clause

If you are a consumer (and who isn't) you owe it to yourself to read the series of articles that the New York Times ran this week concerning an alarming trend in the business community: the growing practice of corporations inserting mandatory arbitration clauses into sales agreements. These clauses are buried deep within multi-page user agreements so that consumers rarely know about them, despite the fact that by entering into these agreements businesses are forcing consumers to waive their constitutional right to a jury trial should they be the victim of any wrongdoing by these corporations. Many of these clauses also force consumers to waive their right to join a class action against that corporation.

Xarelto and Eliquis

Xarelto and Eliquis--­the so called NOAC drugs--are presenting life threatening problems for emergency rooms, which reflect on the potential for suits both against the drug manufacturers and health care providers. Our firm is investigating the potential for both types of lawsuits.

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