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New York City Medical Malpractice Law Blog

How do I know if my child suffered oxygen deprivation?

Oxygen deprivation during childbirth can cause catastrophic injuries and even the death of an infant. Although many complications can lead to oxygen deprivation at any stage of pregnancy, the most common cause of oxygen deprivation related injuries during childbirth is negligence of the health care providers and their staff.

A big hospital is no match for a good attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of the negligence of a medical facility and its staff members, you may be considering filing a medical malpractice action. For many individuals the fear of taking on a large institution is enough to stop the fight before it starts. Fortunately, no matter how large and powerful a facility and its staff may be, it is no match for an experienced malpractice attorney.

Mount Sinai doctor investigated after inappropriate behavior

Not all medical malpractice cases result in a physical injury to the patient. The errors of a doctor or medical staff may be in the form of poor judgment and inappropriate behavior leading to emotional or mental damage rather than physical injury. As the New York Daily News reports, a well-known doctor of Mount Sinai Hospital is now under investigation for the inappropriate behavior and touching of a 22-year-old emergency room patient.

Understanding informed consent

When faced with the possibility of surgical intervention, most patients experience a rush of anxiety, fear and questions. During the initial consultation and planning stages of a surgical procedure, it is the doctor's duty to inform patients of all related risks, benefits and alternatives. This supply of information is called informed consent and mandates that after a patient receives all related information, their written consent is provided to medical staff before any medical procedure is done.

RVRMG Partner Tom Valet at State of the State Speech

On Wednesday January 13, 2016, Governor Cuomo delivered his State of the State speech. RVRMG Partner, Thomas Valet, attended the speech as a guest of the Speaker of the Assembly, Carl Heastie. Governor Cuomo unveiled his $20 billion plan to add 100,000 permanent Cuomo.jpghousing units to the state over five years. He also proposed a law to strip convicted lawmakers of their pensions and recommended closing the LLC loophole, which allows corporate interests to channel campaign funds to candidates through LLCs.

Senate Report Implicates Olympus and FDA in Deadly Bacterial Infection

A Senate report released earlier this week found the superbug infection linked improperly-cleaned duodenoscopes to be more widespread than previously thought.

Tecfidera Label Updated by FDA with PML Death Case

Multiple_Sclerosis.pngTecfidera is a prescription drug used to treat people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, a disease where the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. Last month Biogen Idec, manufacturer of Tecfidera, reported a patient developed progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare brain infection, and died. Although Biogen Idec stated the safety profile of the drug remained solid, the FDA decided the death was important enough to add a description of it on Tecfidera labels.

Can senior neglect happen in your own home?

So many aging seniors are opting for in-home health care over the once popular assisted-living facilities. Common reasons cited for this change are affordability, comfort and a renewed sense of independence. While in-home health care may provide family members with a sense of security, it is important to realize that this change does not eliminate the potential for neglect or abuse.

Button Battery Likely Cuase of Death of Young Girl

Cigarettes and hoverboards; what do they have in common? Lithium-ion Batteries. Many electronic cigarettes and so called hoverboards use lithium ion batteries because of their versatility and efficiency. However, attention has been brought recently, especially in the case of hoverboards, to the possibility of battery failure and even explosion. Not only can battery explosions destroy the product, but they can cause injury to users and/or premises as well. (Read more about E-cigarettes or about batteries in laptops and hoverboards.)

Increased Regulation for TVM Devices

The FDA is increasing regulation for medical devices known as transvaginal mesh (TVM). These mesh devices are used for a number of reasons including, pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Going forward TVM will be classified as high-risk when used to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP).

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