$1,000,000+ NYC Jury Verdict for Cyclist in Federal Court

Mayor Bloomberg has promoted cycling in New York City by adding hundreds of miles of cycling lanes. This has lead to a vast increase in people doing "green" commuting. However, vehicle drivers continue to flaunt driving regulations, causing tragic accidents with bicycles, including fatalities. A federal jury in the Southern District of New York (Manhattan, known as New York County) rendered a verdict totaling $1,251,853 against several drivers. Notably, an elevator maintenance company van was improperly parked in a bus lane when a passenger threw open the van's door into an oncoming cyclist who had no way to avoid the door. This was argued to be in violation of NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1214. The bicyclist suffered degloving and broken bone injuries which required multiple surgeries and resulted in functional loss and scarring. She had twenty days of hospitalization plus extensive outpatient physical therapy