14.5M Settlement for Boy's Brain Injury from Metal Bat

By: George Mikhail

A New Jersey teenage boy suffered brain damage after being struck by a line drive off a metal bat while pitching in a baseball game settles his lawsuit for 14.5 million. The baseball hammered Stephen Domalewskis in the chest, slightly above his heart. The hit was in the precise time, in between heartbeats, sending him into cardiac arrest. While the paramedics came within minutes, there was no oxygen to his brain for 15-20 minutes. The family claims the metal bat was not safe because the baseballs are hit at much faster speeds than wooden bats.

Our lead trial counsel has extensive experience in litigating cases involving brain damaged clients. We understand the emotional and financial strain felt be families, as well as the concern that your loved one will be properly taken care of and financially provided for in the future.