The flagship robotic surgery which our firm is handling, for the death of Kimberley McCalla, was featured in a CNBC expose on the risks of the daVinci robot surgery which first ran on April 18. This is the case described in detail on our website where a 23 year old woman undergoing a hysterectomy died due to burns inflicted by the machine.

The half hour program presented an in depth interview with Gilmore McCalla, father of the victim. He expressed his grief over the death of his daughter, and discussed her apprehension of dying after the initial surgery went wrong. Our firm presented the producers of the CNBC program with a good deal of information, not only about the case but also the defects in the design of the robot, made by Intuitive Surgical, Inc., which contributed to Kimberley's death. (Our firm is also suing the hospital and surgeon for malpractice, leading to the death.)

Since filing the McCalla case, our firm has investigated many cases of bad outcomes where the robot was used, commonly involving hysterectomies or prostatectomies. Some of these have led to filing claims with the manufacturer, or a consideration of possible medical malpractice.