NYPD's Most-sued Cop is Among Its Biggest Overtime Earners

Can New York City policeman be sued for police brutality? The answer is yes, and did you know that 12 NYPD officers have been sued 17 or more times over the past decade? And did you also know that nine of these police officers are above the 85th percentile of overtime earners?

According to the New York Daily News, Detective Peter Valentine is costing taxpayers almost $900,000 in excessive force and police brutality settlements. Not only do reports show that he has been sued 28 times since 2006, but he has been one of the department's overtime earners in 2012 and 2013. Records show that he has earned $38,617 in overtime in 2013 and also $39,322 in 2012. With a base salary of $87,278 per year, Valentin's has mostly been sued for wrongful-arrest as well as bogus drug charges, such as in Longwood, the Bronx. Three other men stepped forward, explaining that they were busted on these charges as well. But the charges describing criminal possession of controlled substances against the men were dropped even though in each settlement, the city denied these charges.

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