Patient's Bedsores result in $500,000 Verdict

Plaintiff, decedent, underwent heart surgery in November of 2009, at Staten Island University Hospital in Richmond County. Suffering from complications, Plaintiff was forced to stay in bed for a prolonged period of time. During that period Plaintiff developed bedsores, or pressure ulcers, of the buttocks and heels. He passed away a few months later from septic shock, kidney failure and respiration failure. Plaintiff's estate claimed his death was caused by the preventable bedsores.

Counsel for the Plaintiff argued that bedsores are preventable with ample repositioning and proper nutrition, but the Hospital failed to provide both for the Plaintiff. Defense counsel argued that Plaintiff's surgery caused a lack of oxygen to his legs and resulted in the bedsores which were unpreventable.

After a five day trial the jury delivered a verdict for the Plaintiff's Estate in the amount of $500,000.