CDC Investigating Severe Pulmonary Disease with Teen Vaping E-Cigarettes

Lung and cardiopulmonary injuries and deaths in teens and minors has led to many individual lawsuits as well as consolidated class action litigation. In related litigation, battery explosions have led to significant settlements. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is working with the departments of health in Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Indiana, and Minnesota about a cluster of pulmonary injuries linked to e-cigarette product use, or “vaping,” primarily among adolescents and young adults. Other states have alerted CDC to cases with ongoing investigations.

Suspiciously, some cases in each of the states are similar and appear to be linked to e-cigarette product use. More information is needed to determine what is causing the illnesses. Our latest information reveals that roughly 100possible cases of severe lung illness associated with vaping were reported in various states from June 28, 2019, to August 15, 2019.

We urge parents to be aware of their children vaping and helping prevent the health dangers of lung injuries, as well as cardiovascular symptoms, seizures and strokes. Juul and other manufacturers originally marketed this as a safe alternative to smoking. Even after tremendous recent pressure to prevent teen smoking, e-cigarette companies have failed to reveal the chemicals in vaping fluids, some of which are known to be lung irritants and are suspected of being cancerous.

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